Murphy Electric Power Board

The Hickman Electric Plant Board was established in 1964 and has been in operation since April 1965, as a governmental agency under the "Little TVA Act". The system is overseen by a five-member plant board appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the board of commissioners. The board meets every third Tuesday of the month.

Hickman Electric's objectives are to provide an adequate supply of reliable electricity for the comfort, convenience, and prosperity of all the people in the system's service territory, at the lowest practical cost. The staff are also dedicated to promoting growth through an educational program regarding modern and proper electricity usage, participating in the general development of the area served with much consideration given to courteous service, safety, sound practices, and economic development. Hickman Electric currently serves approximately 1,100 residential and commercial customers and maintain over 66 miles of power lines in portions of the city limits of Hickman, KY and Fulton County.